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Because we are a small company and we do our own work, we treat every job as a custom finish. Every aspect of your project gets the hands on attention of a skilled craftsman. Your project will have the highest quality finish. It will be beautiful, durable and best of all, affordable. We do not use sub-contractors unless you need a separately licensed specialist such as an electrician or plumber. These are some of the services we provide.

Rough Carpentry Wood and Metal

Rough carpentry is the industry term for a framer. What a rough carpenter/framer does is create the basic skeleton of a structure. We can use wood or metal framing to create this skeleton. We have experience in laying out walls and ceilings and taking into account the requirements for the electrical and plumbing requirements. As well as the knowledge of how to keep walls plumb and square, so the finished product is something that you, the homeowner, can be proud of.


Gypsum Board Assemblies

It is very important to have a competent gypsum worker to avoid problems down the road. If the job is not done right, you may experience some unsightly conditions, such as nails from the drywall popping out through the paint, or the tape on the sheetrock seams coming loose. These problems won’t be visible until well after the construction is done; once the boards have a chance to shift and shrink a little. This damage can be repaired, but it will cost you more money to do so. You can avoid this expense by getting the best drywall assembly at the best price. Give us a call today.


Doors, Frames and Hardware

If you are looking to have a door replaced with a new or antique door, you really need to have a skilled craftsman that knows how to do the job. Antique doors need to have a frame that will match the look of the door. Another consideration is that a lot of antique doors are oversized or heavier than standard doors which require special framing for lasting, problem free operation. We are well equipped to do the installation of any door.

We have had a lot of customers that want to change all the doors in their house due to years of use or a desire to get a new look. New doors and casings will make your house look decades younger and will finally work like they were intended to.
With recent innovations, door hardware is getting more complicated and specialty tools may be required for their installation. Rest assured that with John Tidwell and Sons, the door hardware you choose will be properly installed for many years of worry free use.


Trim Carpentry

Trim is an item that can bring new life to an older home. Replacing base mouldings and adding crown mouldings will make you feel like you have a new house at a substantially lower price. If you are considering painting your house or condo, consider adding new trim before the paint goes on. This relatively inexpensive addition will give your home a rich feel, and it won’t break the bank.

Many of our clients have contacted us to trim their basements out. You can rest assured that we have experience to do a good job. Windows that require jamb extensions and large window sills are never a problem.
Trim is a large part of the work we do. We like to innovate and come up with new solutions to the client’s needs. In the past we made a couple of gates to stop the dogs from going on the stairs. In another house we installed some picture rails to hold multiple pictures in a small area but in a neat way. Since we do our own work we are only limited by the imagination.


Acoustical Suspended Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceilings, or drop down ceilings, are a main stable in offices and finished basements. The reasons are many, but primarily it is that suspended ceilings are fire resistant, absorb noise pollution, and are an inexpensive way to conceal wiring, pipes and ventilation ducts. The other advantage to acoustical suspended ceilings is that they are easily removed to get access to the concealed systems. Suspended ceilings are done with individual panels and can be easily replaced when small repairs are needed so you don’t have to pay for a whole new ceiling.

Curtain walls or soffits are often used to box in and conceal ducts and other obstacles. We are well versed in the installation of curtain walls and know how to make them straight and able to support the ceiling.


Wood Ceilings

There are many advantages to wood ceilings. Wood ceilings, like wood floor or wood beams, can add a layer of warmth and comfort to your home. They can be easily installed as they often come in a tongue and groove format so they interconnect like floor boards. We can even custom detail your wood ceiling to a design of your choice.


Hidden rooms and doors

Have you ever wanted to have a room that you can store items in that you don’t want just everyone to see or perhaps a hidden gun vault? How about trim that can hide a small item? With trim and paneling, we can make a space that is small enough for guns and cash, or large enough for someone to hide in, if space permits.


Painting and staining services

Many people think it’s simply a matter of applying a coat of paint on a project and it will look new, fresh and beautiful. It will give it a new look, but it may not look as you intended. Painting is one of the most important parts of the renovation process. Without proper priming, sanding, caulking and filling of nail holes and imperfections, your new paint job can look old quickly. We take pride in the work we do from start to finish. We don’t cut corners, because they really don’t save you money. Repairs down the road can be costly, but they can be avoided by doing the job right the first time. Often, doing this is much less expensive than fixing the problems that arise later because of an improperly done job in the first place.
Staining can bring out the hidden beauty of wood and concrete. We have been staining both for a long time and are acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of the process.



When you want to upgrade your rails with metal balusters or replace them with a different type of wood like Ash, Maple or Walnut, you will want a professional. We can install your new rails with artistic precision.



There are many types of paneling. Traditional Judges paneling involves trim applied in such a way as to give it a raised look. It is a classic look. Wainscot paneling is generally applied to the lower part of the wall. It can be done with plywood or individual boards. Then it is trimmed across the top. Faux panels are simply moulding that is applied to the surface of the wall, generally with a piece of chair rail above it. We have installed all types of paneling in all types of locations. Wainscot in garages and laundry rooms. Judges paneling installed on the front of a custom bar or to decorate a home theater. Faux paneling can decorate the walls of a dining room or living room or even the walls going up the stairs. All of these types of paneling can give your home the rich feel you would like to have and also add to the value of your home.



Whether you want to have custom cabinetry made or you would like to have pre manufactured cabinets installed, it pays to have a professional do the installation. We have a line of beautiful prefinished cabinetry that we have installed for many happy customers. We also have a cabinet shop that can manufacture custom cabinets with almost any finish, color or style.


General construction services

We offer a wide variety of general construction services not listed above. If you don’t find what you want in the list here, give us a call. Chances are, we have done it.
Counter top installation, Brick and block wall installation and repair, Patio’s poured, Decks built, Wood Flooring installation. Commercial display installation.